Work Experience


Welcome to WEX12A, a 4-credit course where the community is your classroom. You will meet with Ms. Kersten at various times during the year to prepare and plan for work experience. Before you can earn work experience hours, you need to submit some paperwork and complete the WorkSafe training.

To earn 4 credits you must complete 90 hours of on-the-job experience.  There are some additional hours used for workshops to prepare for placements and self-reflection of your work experience. You can start this course in Grade 11, but must complete all the requirements in your Grade 12 year.

Getting Started
Work Experience
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Let’s get it done!

If you are in Grade 11, you will have workshops to get you ready for placements, and you can even begin your work experience this year!  Expect regular emails to notify you of workshop dates and be sure to stay informed by checking this page.

You can also see me in Room 133 on Day 2s any morning or at lunch, but if you think you need more than a quick check-in, it is best to make an appointment.  Please send me an email: 

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