Germany Exchange

The Next Trip:

– 15 Day trip to Germany during March Break of 2018

– Hosted by German family in Ingolstadt, home of Audi, about half way between Munich and Nurnberg

– The German school will come to Vancouver May 10-24 of same year and be hosted by participating students.

– Participants should host their exchange partner, but if this is not possible, we will try to find an alternate host.

– See below for hosting information

– Trip cost will be around $2800, including all transport, Breakfasts and Dinners.

– Students will buy own lunches, and should count on about $150 in spending money

– We will be travelling with public transportation as much as possible.

– Size of the group will be a maximum of 16 students.

– Chaperones will be Mr.Mehl and another Female Staff member

Activities will include:

– 2-3 days at partner school

– Various sites in and around Ingolstadt, including Audi factory tour.

– Day / Overnight trips to Munich and Nurnberg, with emphasis on History and Culture.

– 4 Days at the end of the trip in Berlin.

– Activities co-ordinated by the school with German students in Canada in May (Weekends)


– Focus of the trip will be fine-tuned to match the interests of participants.

– Knowledge of German in NOT a requirement.

– Our first exchange was a great success. Students from both schools had a great time both travelling and hosting. We look forward to many more exchanges with Reuchlin Gymnasium.

– We will hold a Parent Information Session mid September, with an initial deposit due October 1st. First deposits will secure spaces.


– If you are interested in hosting a German or Japanese student, you can earn credit towards the cost of the next exchange trip


GERMANY EXCHANGE – Hosting Information


The Basics:

– Participants SHOULD host their exchange partners

– German Partners come May 10-24 of same year as the trip to Germany.

– Japanese Partners come in alternate years (the year before or after the trip to Japan.

– If hosting is not possible, we will try to find an alternate host.

– As the person NOT hosting, you will have to financially compensate the family hosting your exchange partner.

– To secure that students host on our end we take a ‘hosting deposit’ which is returned after the guest has been hosted.

Interested in Hosting?

– If you host a German or Japanese student, you can earn credit towards the cost of the next exchange trip

– If you are going on one trip, you could also host for the other trip, you can also earn the extra credit.

– If you are NOT participating in a trip, the school will pay you a hosting fee.

– The amount of credit or payment depends on the length of stay, and what is expected of you, the host.

– There is no guarantee that we will need additional hosts in any year. It all depends on the number of participants and how many people can or cannot host.

Hosting Details

– Guests should have their own bedroom (You might have to sleep on the couch).

– Meals should be provided as per the schedule. Count on providing daily Breakfast, and most Lunches and Dinners.

– Students should be taken to school by their host partner, until they are comfortabele with transit.

– On weekends, host familied should plan an activity with the student they are hosting.

3 Month Exchange


– We also have an annual three month exchange with Reuchlin

– Kits students start the school year in Germany (mid September) and return to Kits in time for second term

– German students come to Kits April to June for about the same length of time.

РInterested? Take a look at the info sheet GermanyLongExchange.pdf

Course Credit:

Under the umbrella of “Independent Directed Study” we are able to offer course credit for this Exchange Program.

As we always have orientation sessions before our exchanges, and want to make sure students have a focus for their journey, students are able to earn up to 4 Grade 11 or Grade 12 Credits in Social Studies.

IDS course information IDS.pdf

DETAILS & Schedules:

Itineray: 2016Schedule.pdf

For Your Reference:

German Activity Choices [ site]

Vancouver Activity Choices [ site] Send me links if you have more ideas

Blog created by Reuchlin during our last trip: [ Reuchlin Blog ]


We also have a Japan Exchange Program!

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