Work Experience


Welcome to WEX12A, a 4-credit course where the community is your classroom. You will meet with Mr. Dowla at various times during the year to prepare and plan for work experience. Before you can earn work experience hours, you need to submit some paperwork and complete the WorkSafe training.

To earn 4 credits you must complete 90 hours of on-the-job experience.  There are some additional hours used for workshops to prepare for placements and self-reflection of your work experience. You can start this course in Grade 11, but must complete all the requirements in your Grade 12 year.

Getting Started

Requirements To Get Started:

1 – Attend the Intro to WEX workshop

2 – Complete the introductory WEX forms:

(if you download and open in Acrobat, you can complete the form on your computer, then save and submit via email)

3 – Complete the Worksafe program

[Online Course]

4 – Complete your resume & cover letter

5 – Attend workshops on interviewing, work ethic and etiquette, dress code, and more!

Work Experience

Work Experience:

1 – See your teacher EARLY to get placements (September for winter placements, November for March Break!)

2 – Each placement needs a Work Education Agreement signed, so you are covered by WorkSafeBC insurance

3 – Get your absences approved by your teachers [Absence Form]

4 – Contact the Employer for an interview [Planning Sheet]

5 – Complete your hours (you need 90 for 4 credits, 50 for 2 credits)

6 – Get an evaluation from your employer
[Long Evaluation]
[Short Evaluation – 2 versions] Choose one format / version only

7 – Evaluate the worksite and what you learned
[Self Evaluation]

8 – Write a ‘Thank You’ letter to your employer / supervisor (this is good form!) [Sample]

9 – Update your resume so it lists your experiences (and submit for marks)

Note on Paid Work:
You can use a paid job, but only if you are learning something new and complete the relevant Training Plan [PDF]
You also need to document your experience like any other placement. Payslips on their own are not sufficient!

Reference files

For Your Reference:

[Employability Skills 2000+] – The terminology you should use when talking about your skills

[Checklist] – So you can see that you have what you need

[Withdrawal Form] – Get this form signed if you need to drop out of Work Experience



How marks are calculated:

Grade 11 – you only receive comments and an ‘in progress’ code, no mark.

Grade 12 – Marks are based on:
15% Resume, forms and Worksafe (Done at sign-up)
70% Work hours and employer evaluations  (So everyone should get 85% if they completed their hours)
15% Work journal ( wex_s_journal.pdf ), self evaluation ( wex_s_report.pdf ) and updated resume

Let’s get it done!

If you are in Grade 11, you will have workshops to get you ready for placements, and you can even begin your work experience this year!  Expect regular emails to notify you of workshop dates and be sure to stay informed by checking this page.

You can also see me in Room 133 on Day 2s any morning or at lunch, but if you think you need more than a quick check-in, it is best to make an appointment.  Please send me an email: 

For Teachers

For Teachers:

[Letter] – Sample letter to parents
[Letter] – Sample letter to students
[Form ] – Teacher checklist for student files
[Form ] – Career Exploration / Field Experience
[Form ] – Teacher evaluation of attendance at workshops or job fairs
[Form ] – Photo release form for worksites – when you take photos during visits
[Form ] – Teacher report on placement visit
[Form ] – Teacher evaluation of new placement site
[Form ] – District Office placement requests
[Form ] – Training plan for placements