Japan Exchange


– A 14 Day trip to Japan during March Break 2019

– Travel to Nagasaki, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Nagoya, and possibly Tokyo and Himeji Castle

– Hosted by a Japanese family in Inuyama (Close to Nagoya) for 4 days

– Joint Activities with Japanese Students and Host Families

– Bihoku (the Japanese school) will come to Vancouver the following March (2020) and be hosted by participating students.

– Expected cost $4200, including all transport and most meals.

– Students buy own snacks and drinks, and should count on about $100 in spending money

– We travel with public transportation as much as possible.

– Size of the group has been between 12 and 20 students.

– Chaperones are Ms.Port and Mr.Mehl


– Focus of the trip will be fine-tuned to match the interests of participants.

– Knowledge of Japanese is NOT a requirement.

– Mr. Mehl has been taking students to Japan and Germany for 12 years and has extensive experience organising such trips, and as he lived in Japan for a few years, he is very familiar with the destinations.


– Hosting the exchange partner is an important part of the exchange. If you are NOT able to host, we need to find an alternate host, who will get paid for hosting. This means you will have to cover the cost. This is why we take a $400 hosting deposit which is returned after you hosted your guest, or used to pay an alternate host.


– Bihoku (Our Japanese Exchange school) will come to Vancouver just prior to March Break 2020 and will be hosted by participating students.
– Bihoku students attend classes at Kitsilano for two days.
– There will be some joint activities for Japanese and Canadian students as part of the exchange
– Students interested in joining the trip to Japan in 2021 can get involved in activities or as hosts (if needed)



– The March 2019 trip is now full and students are getting ready. We will take names for the 2021 Trip with Course Registration in Spring of 2020, and sign up the remaining students in September. .

– If you have questions you can always contact Mr.Mehl

  • to sign up, complete the survey and bring a $400 deposit to Mr.Mehl

Videos for Japan trip

3 Month Exchange


DETAILS & Schedules:

-Will be posted soon (working out details right now)

For Your Reference:

Vancouver Activity Choices [Scoop.it site] Send me links if you have more ideas

We also have a Germany Exchange Program!

Check this site for the link


Come and see me in Room 149 any morning or at lunch if you have questions.
You can also e-mail me at rmehl@vsb.bc.ca